Moving Lives Forward

Welcome to Catholic Charities New Hampshire’s blog. We write to share our stories. Stories that show how you are helping others in your community. Your generous donations moves lives forward and bring hope to our neighbors.

What you will find within these pages are true stories that demonstrate how simple acts of caring, mentoring and guidance build independence and hope. You will see stories of real people - good people who are not helpless, they just need a little help.

Catholic Charities NH provides programs that strengthen families, communities and builds independence by moving lives forward. We heal, comfort and empower people of all faiths & backgrounds through all stages of life.

This is the heart of who we are. We help people. We work hand in hand with partnership agencies such as the local food pantries, homeless shelters, FIT and other non-profit organizations. We build coalitions to create a network of support. You are part of this coalition. These stories are here because of you.

Together we move lives forward.